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[#1067] Require submit button for forms

From: Michael Cooper <michaelc@watchfire.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 15:36:22 -0400
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The following is a proposal for HTML techniques. I will implement the proposal in a draft unless there is objection from the group. There will still be room for debate of the proposal in the context of the next draft.

HTML forms are often submitted with scripts, e.g., by an event handler on the BUTTON element or a link. These forms can't be submitted when client-side scripting is not enabled. There should be a technique to mandate that forms have a genuine submit button, either:

  <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
  <inut type="image" alt="Submit" />

Any scripting desired can still be triggered on event handlers of those buttons, or the onsubmit event handler for the form.

NOTE: this proposed technique is based on the assumption that the failure of client side scripting to operate is an accessibility issue. The WCAG WG is in discussion on this point. If the outcome of that discussion is that script alternatives are not needed simply to provide for non-scripting clients, this technique would be removed or marked as optional. However, for now we should place it in the document, to act as a placeholder and possibly to be part of the context for the above discussion.

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