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[techs] Action Item from July techniques F2F: End to End for 1.1 (Phases 1-5)

From: Jenae Andershonis <jenaea@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 14:40:42 -0700
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Several end to end exercises have been completed for Phase 1. 

This action reviews Phases 1-5 for Guideline 1.1. Following is a brief description of each of the five phases.

1. Mapping: The guideline is mapped to the techniques documents.  These documents are Gateway (aka Technology Independent), HTML and CSS. Starting with the guideline, all of the techniques for Gateway, HTML and CSS are mapped back to the guideline.

2. Examples: Each Guideline has examples; identify the Gateway, HTML and CSS techniques that support the example.

3. Technology Specific Review: At this phase HTML and CSS will be reviewed to ensure that every HTML element, HTML attribute, and CSS property have been identify that have accessibility implications. 

4. Test Case and Test File Creation: We have many sources to gather test cases and test files for our purposes. During this phase that information is gathered.

5. Metadata Assignments: Metadata assignments will be made at the test case level, allowing full flexibility is creating all other documents. 

What will and will not be in our test materials has yet to be decided. Following are many documents for a complete view of what could be used to build the test materials. If any of the material is out of date, that is out of scope for this discussion. If any of the test cases are false that is also out of scope of this discussion.

Our goal is to identify what we want in our test materials. Also going through this process will help to expose flaws in the Guideline sooner rather than later.

There are seven documents attached to this mail.

Guideline.htm - the text for Guideline 1.1 from the internal June draft

End to End Guideline 1.1.htm is the information gathered from Phase 1 and 2

H_1_1_001.htm through H_1_1_005.htm are test cases for 1.1. These are partial result of phase 3, 4 and 5. Please note the test cases are not complete. But the steps with expected results and next steps are complete. If the test case is not valid that is out of scope of this discussion. These examples are to demonstrate all of the metadata that can be at the test case level.

I believe we are discussing this on the Wednesday the 28th call...


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