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RE: What does "for example" mean (venue?)

From: William Loughborough <love26@gorge.net>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 10:09:57 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>, gv@trace.wisc.edu, Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU>
Cc: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
At 12:00 PM 3/8/01 -0500, Al Gilman wrote:
>That's why I suggest we not try to close this thread in GL without 
>consultation using xtech

And at least one old geezer would make this more than a "suggestion". It's 
part of why the glossaries must be mutually aware so that we don't 
understand that "content" is a heavily context/nuance sensitive "collection 
of letters".

I have planted the seed of glossary/dictionary/thesaurus/+ awareness in the 
DI WG. Therein we are (hopefully not terminally) "discussing" what "device" 

To do usable stuff we must at least *do* something and although seemingly 
endless discussions about (DI's) "is the Web a device?" and (RDF's) "is 
reification a stating or a statement?" are necessary we can't work 
through/around them if: 1) we don't take a vote now and then; 2) we have to 
wear flameproof suits.

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