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A "one size fits all" personalized web page?

From: Scott Luebking <phoenixl@netcom.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 08:32:30 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <199912231632.IAA00677@netcom.com>
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org

I was in a meeting yesterday on campus and the issue of personalized
web pages for students to access their records came up.  I guess
what I'm confused about is this issue of the "one size fits all"
approach to web pages and personalizing web pages.  They just
seem so conflicting.  What is the benefit to that student to limit
his/her personalized web page to a one-size approach when technology
like portals, XML etc, supports multiple formats?  Also, the issue
of a "well structured" web page seems dependent on the perspective
of the user of the web page.

For example, how do you explain that each student should have the same
format in case one of the student's is blind to someone who has been
spending months looking at software which allows personalized web

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