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accessible [including real-time] interaction

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 23:49:50 -0500
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Cc: Katie H-S <ryladog@earthlink.net>

Katie Haritos-Shea was talking about the AU interest in pursuing accessible groupware and meeting practices.

Here are three half-baked references of some possible interest.  Let me know if any of these smell helpful and perhaps we can discuss them more.

+ Agenda formulation input [to Advanced Collaborative Environments group in Grid Forum]

+ Geoffrey Fox has been a pioneer in distributed-objects technology.  His current work in this area is described in:
  Garnet Collaboration system

I have had ongoing discussions with Geoffrey about how objectwise state-change sharing lines up well with annotations and other access aids that hook to the "last graph form of the content before it gets reduced finally to pixels."  There have been recent comments from Australia and New Zealand about how much of the world is still on modems including 14.4K and 9600 speeds.  At that network bandwidth the event based sharing of applications is very important as well.  This also relates to coming up with a common framework for access to Flash animations, SVG animations, and verbatim video with annotation-carrier vector-graphic overlays.

The general idea is reflected in the section:

 Articulate Resources

I will be at a workshop day on Friday with the people in the NCSA Alliance working on portal technologies, so any amount we can sharpen these ideas between now and then is a big help.  These portals will be not only for broad [and largely asynchronous] specialty-based affinity groups but also as shared workbenches and meeting hubs for research project teams.  See cactus.org for existing examples.

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