RDFCore Actions

2002-04-05#2 Aaron complete rdf mime type registration
2002-06-18#11 bwm consider what the current version link of M&S should point to
2002-12-06#10 bwm to ensure rdf and xml FAQs get written completing last deliverable
2003-01-03#1 bwm check whether to update http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns see
2003-01-24#14 bwm start draft request to advance to PR
2003-01-24#15 em start drafting press release
2003-03-14#2 bwm (for gk,jjc) Chase EricP's message and get a process resolution for it: see
2003-04-11#16 em Request that the documents at the end of the rdf and rdfs ns uris be updated
20030711#4 danc to get a test case for pfps-09 into OWL test case doc
20030718#4 BWM create postponed issue to revisit support for
20030815#9 jjc draft implementation report response to i18n objection done see
2003-08-29#1 gk to check with aaron on status of the rdf mimetypes draft done see
2003-08-29#2 danbri to investigation production of script for fixing up internal references
2003-09-12#3 jjc mention other designs in I18N proposed response done
20030919#1 jjc review syntax text on bnode IDs done see
20030919#2 path Check link to RDF URI Reference from Semantics to Concepts
20030919#3 jjc change URI text in concepts
20030919#4 jjc respond to pfps on URIs cc martin done see
20030919#5 bwm s/none/no response/ in last call comments done see
20030919#6 em Poke Michael concerning xmlsch-02
20030919#7 ericm contact comm to get publication date
20030919#8 danbri produce boiler plate for SOTD
20030919#9 jjc e-mail webont with 02 Oct comment deadline done see
20030919#10 danbri e-mail rdfinterest with 02 Oct comment deadline done see
20030919#11 danbri e-mail chairs list concerning LC 2 done see
20030919#12 danbri identify and e-mail individual chairs re LC 2 done see
20030919#13 jjc suggest herman makes personal comment before webont OK done
20030919#14 PatH To consider amendments to test cases concerning nonentailments
20030926#1 JJC add nfc text to Concepts as proposed
20030926#2 JJC review i18n rebuttal document to take specific account of formal objection text from i18n done see
20030926#3 DanC review jjc's revised I18N document in the context of request
20030926#4 EricM review jeremy's document for inclusion in proposal to advance
20030926#5 JJC draft proposal that whitespace processing is part of L2V map
20030926#6 PatH update semantics document to replace lbase appendix with fireproof reference to lbase doc done see
20030926#7 bwm link issue list to supporting documents (such as JJC I18N issue
20030926#8 DanBri record Karstens dissent in rdfs spec w'drawn see