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Minutes, 2002-02-08 teleconference

From: Graham Klyne <GK@NineByNine.org>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:22:38 +0000
Message-Id: <>
To: RDF core WG <w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org>
RDFCore WG minutes for the Telecon 2002-02-08



1: Allocate scribe:  Graham Klyne

2: Roll call

    - Aaron Swartz
    - Brian McBride (chair)
    - Daniel Brickley
    - Dave Beckett
    - Eric Miller
    - Frank Manola
    - Graham Klyne
    - Jeremey Carroll
    - Jos De Roo
    - Mike Dean
    - Pat Hayes
    - Patrick Stickler
    - Ron Daniels
    - Sergey Melnik
    - Stephen Petschulat

    - Jan Grant
    - Dan Connolly

    - Bill dehOra
    - Martyn Horner
    - Frank Boumphrey
    - Guha
    - KWON Hyung-Jin
    - Michael Kopchenov
    - Ora Lassila
    - Pierre G Richard
    - Rael Dornfest
    - Satoshi Nakamura
    - Yoshiyuki Kitahara

3: Review Agenda


4: Next telecon - 10am Boston time, 15 Feb 2002

5: Please register for the face to face meeting.

ftf registrants: Masinter, Manola, Carroll, Brickley, Horner, Miller, 
Klyne, Beckett, McBride, Dean, Stickler, De Roo, Connolly

Those not attending, please send regrets to the list.

6: Review Minutes of 2002-02-01 telecon with correction



7: Confirm Status of Completed Actions

ACTION:  2002-01-24#4 Jeremy

Confirmed complete.

8: Status of Syntax WD

OLD ACTION:2002-01-18#2  DaveB  Prepare some test cases for unrecognized 

The test cases were accepted.

9: Status of Test Cases WD

OLD ACTION: 2001-11-30#3 Jan Grant Get access to test case areas of W3C site
OLD ACTION: 2002-01-11#1  bwm  persue CVS access for Jan with EM
CVS access is still problematic.
CONTINUES (both actions).

OLD ACTION: 2002-01-11#2  JanG  post summary of Test Cases WD outstanding 
updates to list.

10: Status of Primer

A summary of current status has been circulated. See:

OLD ACTION: 2002-02-01#1  danbri  make everything in primer directory public
[status unclear]

A pointer to the latest version of the primer has been circulated.  See:
Document at:

ACTION, 2002-02-08#1, Brian:  Update RDFcore home page to point to new 
primer version.

11: Model Theory WD

(Publication was approved at the teleconference of 2002-02-01)

OLD ACTION: 2002-02-01  danbri  arrange publication of model WD
Handed off to Eric Miller...

ACTION, 2002-02-08#2, Eric:  Arrange publication of model WD

12: Model Theory for Containers

Discuss PatH's proposal, which is roughly: simply treat all containers as 
ordered, with the type being a hint to implementers that different 
orderings may or may not be significant.  See:

Much discussion (see IRC log from [15:19]).  Some folks want an easy way to 
enumerate container properties present using a general purpose RDF query 
meachanism.  A common container-membership property would allow this, but 
raises tension with working group charter.  Upshot is:

ACTION, 2002-02-08#3,  Brian: add issue for common superproperty for 
rdf:_1, ... etc. to the issue list.

ACTION: 2002-02-08#4,  PatH: write up container proposal (including the 
common superproperty?) and put to the group for approval.

ACTION: 2002-02-08#5, Jeremy, post URI of description of property 
attributes and bagId indeterminacy problem to list.  From IRC, URI is:
[which includes test cases;  action complete?]

13: Reification

OLD ACTION: 2002-02-01#2  PatH  test cases for reification
None were submitted to Pat, so there's nothing to present.  Meanwhile, the 
discussion has moved on.  Action complete?

Much discussion about issue -- see IRC log from [15:37].  Still revolving 
around statings/statements debate.  It was noted that provenance was the 
compelling use-case for pursuing this, and believed to be the original intent.

The group overwhelmingly, unanimously supports that we should, in 
principle, focus on addressing the provenance use-case.  Subsequent 
discussion adds the proviso that this doesn't take us into whole new areas 
of design.

ACTION, 2002-02-08#6,  FrankM:  lead the reification discussion based with 
goal of addressing the provenance use-case (to the extent that this can be 
done without adding new features)

14: Datatypes

ACTION, 2002-02-09#7,  Sergey/Patrick/PatH:  to prepare a proposal based on 
PatH's recent proposal, which seems to satisfy most objections.

(Summary: the new proposal has tidy literals denoting only strings;  all 
the other clever stuff is handled by rdf:value (and 
subproperties).  rdf:value means roughly:  <subject> has a string 
representation as <object>.)


Graham Klyne

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