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Draft Minutes of 24 August 2000 Teleconference

From: Donald Eastlake 3rd <dee3@torque.pothole.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 17:43:12 -0400
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The call started a bit late as the toll-free and international numbers
were partitioned but after about ten minutes we got them multed

On Call: Joseph Reagle, Donald Eastlake, Merlin Hughs, & John Boyer.

- KeyInfo/X509Data - there were no objections to the last version
posted by Donald Eastlake which appears to be the consensus:

- RetrievalMethod - there was agreement with the comments by Gregor
that URI should be a mandatory attribute.  Donald will change and

- xml:base - there was considerable discussion but it did not appear
that any changes were currently needed in the canonicalization

- Transform/URI processing model - there was a length disucssion of
this and the feeling was that it requires more discussion on the
mailing list of the revisions that John Boyer has posted which were in
turn based on the discussions during last weeks teleconference.  An
important question is whether a <foo:bar#mumble> URI returns an octet
string or (when the target is XML) a node set or the serialization of
a node set.

- qualifying attributes - After brief discussion, the conclustions
were as follows: our current schema calls for attributes to not be
namespace qualified.  We should include a sentence indicated that
qualifying the attributes we define is an error.  It would be good to
see if schema checks will flag such problems.

- Other -
  - John Boyer asked people to particularly check his new text on
Minimal Canonicalization and XSLT.
  - There was some discussion of the context when elements are
extracted by XPath, etc., and then further processed.  The
understanding was the the context with limited to the element, and not
the whole document.  [I have a note that there is an action related
to this for Joseph but I don't remember exactly what it is.]
  - Plan for progress is to get out a new canonicalization document in
September and assuming it is approved as a Candidate Recommendation, a
revised Syntax and Processing document will follow.  It is likely that
the changes we are making are sufficiently extensive that they will
require a new Last Call.
  - There will be a con call next week to discuss some odds and ends.

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