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[Bug 10] Round-tripping namespace decls in properties

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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 18:51:02 -0800
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------- Additional Comments From wsanchez@wsanchez.net  2005-12-07 18:51 -------
I still maintain that it is unreasonable to require a server to preserve namespace prefixes.  WebDAV 
requires that server authors understand XML and XML namespaces.

Adding requirements imposed by additional specifications (XSLT, etc.) puts an undo burden on server 
authors, given that some XML libraries, when asked to simply read XML into a DOM and then render 
that XML *do* rewrite namespace prefixes.  If a server author can't simply ask a library to render the 
XML and instead has to dive into the innards of the library or write their own renderer, you've obviated 
the alleged value of using XML in the first place.  Dealing with XML in WebDAV is hard enough as things 

This is especially bothersome given that if a client cares about preserving XML exactly as given, than a 
simple encoding of the XML will guarantee that, and the server can remain blissfully ignorant of that 
content.  If you instead put the XML elements in a property, the server *has to* parse them, and clients 
should be willing to accept the consequenses of that.

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