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[Bug 51] Property behaviour upon COPY vs "remote COPY"

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Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:54:14 -0800
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------- Additional Comments From ejw@cs.ucsc.edu  2005-11-30 10:54 -------
Two issues here.

1) Should 2518bis have information about cross-server COPY/MOVE behavior at all? The specification 
has been silent on this issue so far, as there are many issues with cross-server behavior. This should 
ideally be covered in a separate draft.

2) Should the specification have a section describing COPY/MOVE behavior for each live property at all? 
Pro: can potentially clarify property-specific semantics as they apply to each property. Con: can 
potentially lead to confusion, and possible ambiguity if there are conflicts between this text and more 
general statements in the rest of the speficiation.

Julian agreed to look through the current specification's COPY/MOVE behavior subsections within 
Section 14, and will determine if they are (a) correct, and (b) conflict with other places in the 

There was agreement that discussion of cross-server COPY/MOVE should be removed from the 

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