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Timeline for completion

From: Ted Hardie <hardie@qualcomm.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 14:03:59 -0800
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	Back in June, I asked Cullen to come in as Chair of WebDav and
set out what I saw as the game plan for getting the WG to closure.  As a
reminder, here's one of the critical bits of that message:

>The aim is to have the WG enter FIN_WAIT by January of 2006 by having all of its
>documents at or through IETF Last Call prior to that point.
	We're getting very close to that time, and I want to reiterate
that I see it as pretty close to a hard stop.  I believe the working group
should send 2518bis and any other documents it believes are done
for IETF Last Call by Jan 1, 2006.  If there are small pieces of wordsmithing
still to be done, Cullen can extend that for a short period, but I believe that
period will have to be very short and very focused.  Stretching
things past the end of January would require some serious convincing.
In other words, this working group will close in six weeks, and we'll
have to make the most of it.
	During the next six weeks, that means folks are going to have
to be focused on getting the remaining issues resolved and the document
complete. It also means folks will have to be willing to accept that some
wording issues or personal preferences may have to be sacrificed to get
the job done.  The document as it stands improves on 2518 in some critical
ways, and if the working group cannot complete it, that will leave the
engineering community which needs the spec considerably worse off.
The IESG will not consider an individual submission on this if the working
group has just failed to come to consensus, and I hope everyone understands
that.   This is the opportunity to replace 2518 with something better, and
we need to take advantage of it.
				Ted Hardie
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