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RE: Platform for WebDav Development

From: Gangadhar Pai <Gangadhar.Pai@igate.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 13:43:29 +0530
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To: "Varun" <varunp@mahindrabt.com>, <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
You will have to write a proxy server which will act as an conduit between the data source(RDBMS) and Content server(Exchange 2000)
This server should be an HTTP server with additional WebDAV support, for this you can consider IIS with ISAPI filters and Extension.
ODBC/OLE DB for RDBMS interface. Or parallely any Java Based HTTP server with JDBC support.
For typical CRUD operations following WebDAV methods should suffice:
1) Propfind (for read), Proppatch(create, update), Move or Delete(for delete) and Search(for querying), if you want this operation in a batch(Bulk) you can consider BPropfind, BProppatch  etc.
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I need to develope one interface which picks data from a RDBMS and puts in exchange server 2000. 
Restriction is that the interface exe should not do the processing on the exchange server, but it should reside and run from a different machine.
I need to know how can I use WebDav to achieve this and what are the possible development platforms for this?

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