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W3C Weekly News - 13 December 2005

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                            W3C Weekly News

                     7 December - 13 December 2005

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SMIL 2.1 Is a W3C Recommendation

  The World Wide Web Consortium today released "Synchronized Multimedia
  Integration Language (SMIL 2.1)" as a W3C Recommendation. With SMIL
  (pronounced "smile"), authors create multimedia presentations and
  animations integrating streaming audio and video with graphics and
  text. Version 2.1 features include a new Mobile Profile and an Extended
  Mobile Profile with enhanced timing, layout and animation capabilities.
  "Today, W3C makes good on the promise of first class multimedia
  presentations for the mobile Web," said Chris Lilley (W3C). Read the
  press release and visit the Synchronized Multimedia home page.


Last Call: SVG Tiny 1.2

  The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Working Group has released a third
  Last Call Working Draft of the "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Tiny 1.2
  Specification." The draft allows reviewers to verify that their
  comments have been included. Comments will be accepted through 28
  December. The SVG language delivers vector graphics, text, and images
  to the Web in XML. SVG Tiny 1.2 is a complete language specification
  and is implementable on devices large and small, from cellphones and
  PDAs to desktop and laptop computers. Visit the SVG home page.


Working Draft: XForms 1.1

  The XForms Working Group has released an updated Working Draft of
  "XForms 1.1." XForms is the new generation of Web forms. Designed to
  refine and strengthen the XML processing platform introduced by XForms
  1.0, version 1.1 embraces SOAP, facilitates XForms use in other host
  languages, and makes authoring easier. Visit the XForms home page.


W3C Web Services Addressing Interoperability Event: Vancouver, 17-18

  The W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group will hold an
  Interoperability Event on 17-18 January in Vancouver, BC Canada.
  Participants will test the Web Services Addressing family of W3C
  specifications. The group invites interested parties who have
  implemented Web Services Addressing 1.0: Core, SOAP Binding and/or WSDL
  Binding. For details and to register, please see the announcement.
  Visit the Web services home page.


Standards for Multimodal Dialogue Context

  Standards for Multimodal Dialogue Context was held 12 December at the
  Human Communication Research Centre, School of Informatics, University
  of Edinburgh. Organized by the TALK and AMI IST research projects with
  support from W3C, the workshop studied interoperability needs for
  dialog context formats and dialog annotations. Dave Raggett and Henry
  Thompson of W3C presented. Visit the Voice Browser Activity home page.


W3C Talks

  * Wonsuk Lee gave a talk entitled "웹 표준(W3C) 기술 동향
    (The Trend of W3C Standardization Activity)" at the
    "교육정보사이트 웹표준(W3C) 적용 워크숍
    (The Workshop for Adapting W3C Standards to Web Site for
    Education)" on 13 December 2005, in Seoul, Korea.

   Browse upcoming W3C appearances and events, also available as
   an RSS channel.


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