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W3C Weekly News - 20 December 2005

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                            W3C Weekly News

                     14 December - 20 December 2005

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Call for Participation: Toward a More Secure Web

  Position papers are due 25 January for the W3C Workshop on Transparency
  and Usability of Web Authentication to be held 15-16 March 2006, hosted
  by Citigroup in New York, NY, USA. Attendees will identify steps W3C
  can take to improve the Web's trustworthiness and security for users.
  Topics include site authentication, safe Web client behavior,
  communication with users, infrastructures for content providers, and
  user agent testing. Read the press release, about W3C Workshops and
  more about Technology and Society.


Last Call: Compound Document Framework and WICD Profiles

  The Compound Document Formats Working Group has released four Last Call
  Working Drafts: "Compound Document by Reference Framework," "WICD Core
  1.0," "WICD Full 1.0," and "WICD Mobile 1.0." Comments are welcome
  through 27 January. The Web Integration Compound Document (WICD,
  pronounced "wicked") is a device independent Compound Document profile
  based on XHTML, CSS and SVG. The drafts describe behavior when single
  documents contain multiple formats. Read about the Rich Web Clients


Last Call: CSS Selectors

  The CSS Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft of
  "Selectors." Designed to be usable in performance-critical code,
  selectors are patterns in the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language
  that match to elements in HTML and XML. This specification describes
  the selectors in CSS1 and CSS2 and new selectors for CSS3. Comments
  are welcome through 16 January. Visit the CSS home page.


Note: Using XKMS with PGP

  The XML Key Management Service (XKMS) Working Group has published
  "Using XKMS with PGP" as a Working Group Note. This informative note
  recommends packet types for <ds:PGPKeyPacket> and recommends behavior
  for ElGamal. It provides sample message exchanges that include PGP
  artifacts, and usage scenarios for XKMS and PGP. Visit the XKMS
  home page.


Working Drafts: CSS Layout, Columns and Cascade

  The CSS Working Group has released a First Public Working Draft of
  the "CSS3 Advanced Layout Module" defining grid layout. The draft's
  features could be used to define visual order independent of document
  order, position and alignment of user interface "widgets," and page and
  window grids. Also published are Working Drafts of "Multi-Column
  Layout" and "Cascading and Inheritance." Visit the CSS home page.


Compound Document Framework Requirements Updated

  The Compound Document Formats Working Group has published the First
  Public Working Draft of "Compound Document Use Cases and Requirements
  Version 2.0." Version 1.0 requirements were published as a Working
  Group Note. The drafts address events across namespaces, rendering, and
  the user interaction model for documents that combine multiple formats.
  Read about the Rich Web Clients Activity.


Upcoming W3C Talks

  * Bert Bos presents "The Web according to W3C - How to turn your idea
    into a standard" at 22C3 on 27 December in Berlin, Germany.
  * José Manuel Alonso presents at Jornadas Técnicas sobre
    Administración Electrónica "Abrimos 24 horas" on 20 January in Gijón,
  * Richard Ishida presents "Introduction to Internationalization" at
    the Open Road Conference on 7 February in Melbourne, Australia.

   Browse upcoming W3C appearances and events, also available as
   an RSS channel.


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