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W3C Weekly News - 7 December 2005

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                            W3C Weekly News

                     25 November - 6 December 2005

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W3C to Internationalize and Secure Voice Browsing

  Following the Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech Synthesis
  Markup Language (SSML), W3C announces new work to extend SSML to
  Asian and other languages and to add speaker verification. Speaker
  verification is "the best biometric for securing telephone transactions
  and communications," said Ken Rehor (Vocalocity) Chairman of the
  VoiceXML Forum and participant in the W3C Voice Browser Working Group.
  Read the press release, join W3C and visit the Voice Browser Activity
  home page.


Working Draft: SPARQL Query Language for RDF

  The RDF Data Access Working Group has released an updated Working Draft
  of the "SPARQL Query Language for RDF." SPARQL (pronounced "sparkle")
  offers developers and end users a way to write and to consume search
  results across a wide range of information such as personal data,
  social networks and metadata about digital artifacts like music and
  images. SPARQL also provides a means of integration over disparate
  sources. Visit the Semantic Web home page.


W3C Renews Quality Assurance Interest Group

  W3C is pleased to announce the renewal of the Quality Assurance
  Activity and the QA Interest Group, chaired by Karl Dubost (W3C) and
  Lynne Rosenthal (NIST). The main objective of the QA Interest Group
  (QA IG) is to provide a venue for W3C, its Membership, and the Web
  community to share their experiences and involvement with QA.
  Participation is open to W3C Members and the public. Visit the
  QA home page.


W3C Welcomes Members at Advisory Committee Meeting

  W3C held its semiannual Advisory Committee Meeting on 29 November -
  1 December in Montréal, Québec, Canada. W3C Member organizations
  participated in two days of discussions, special sessions and lightning
  talks on W3C Activities. Learn how to become a W3C Member and join W3C
  at the next Advisory Committee Meeting during May 2006 in Edinburgh,
  Scotland, UK.


Upcoming W3C Talks

   * Felix Sasaki participates in the "Overview of the W3C I18N ITS
     Working Group" panel at Language Standards for Global Business
     on 12 December in Berlin, Germany.

   * On behalf of the W3C Italian Office, Ivan Herman gives a tutorial
     "Introduction to the Semantic Web" at the 2nd Italian Semantic
     Web Workshop on Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives
     (SWAP 2005) on 14 December in Trento, Italy.

   * Bert Bos presents "The Web according to W3C - How to turn your
     idea into a standard" at 22C3 on 27 December in Berlin, Germany.

   * Richard Ishida presents "Introduction to Internationalization" at
     the Open Road Conference on 7 February in Melbourne, Australia.

   Browse upcoming W3C appearances and events, also available as
   an RSS channel.


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