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RE: submission of "draft-wilde-sms-uri-registration-00", "draft -wilde-sms-uri-12", and "draft-wilde-sms-service-12"

From: McDonald, Ira <imcdonald@sharplabs.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 10:51:56 -0800
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Larry Masinter wrote:
> There's a problem with using full 'gstn-phone' from 3601
> in the 'sms-recipients' field, because if you trace
> back in the RFC 3601 BNF, if you trace through the
> BNF, the character # is allowed in DTMF,
> which is allowed in phone-string, which is
> allowed in local-phone, etc.
> allows '#' in DTMF, and DTMF is part of 'phone-string'
> which is allowed in 'dial-number', etc.
> Maybe you would be better of sticking to RFC 2806
> ("URLs for telephone calls") syntax and using
> 'telephone-subscriber'. 

Please note that RFC 2806 is OBSOLETED by RFC 3966 which
makes substantial changes and is NOT backward-compatible
with RFC 2806.

- Ira

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