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Planning publication decision for 1.1 next Tuesday and status of Generic Hybrid Ciphers?

From: Frederick Hirsch <frederick.hirsch@nokia.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 12:11:58 -0400
Message-Id: <CF19FE22-8F65-4DA8-8747-DE94B39C183A@nokia.com>
To: XMLSec WG Public List <public-xmlsec@w3.org>
Cc: Frederick Hirsch <frederick.hirsch@nokia.com>
My expectation is that we will decide next Tuesday (14 July) to  
publish updated working drafts of the following specifications:

a) XML Signature 1.1
- reference updates  (Cynthia action)
- explain update still needed.

b) XML Encryption 1.1
- explain update still  needed.

c) XML Security Algorithms Note
- algorithm update still needed (Thomas action)

d) Best Practices XML Signature

e) Transform Simplification: Requirements and Design

f) Derived Keys
- Update draft to indicate material now incorporated into XML  
Encryption 1.1 (Thomas action)

First Public Working Draft

g) XML Security Generic Hybrid Ciphers

Is the sense of the WG that the Generic Hybrid Cipher specification  
will remain separate or be incorporated into XML Encryption 1.1? My  
understanding is that it will remain separate. If it is to be  
incorporated, maybe we should do that earlier rather than later.

Please review these documents and indicate on the public list any  
additional changes required to these documents before we publish  
updated working drafts. Is anyone able to volunteer to review the  
explain documents this week?



regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
Chair XML Security WG
Received on Thursday, 9 July 2009 16:12:49 UTC

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