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RE: Extensibility of c:result

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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 07:26:14 -0400
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The content-model of c:result is overloaded already in the XProc specification itself: see the p:exec step. For text output with wrap-result-lines=true, it produces the following result:








But I don't think the content model of c:result is defined anywhere in the spec (and I am not sure it is a good idea to do that. IMHO, it is just a wrapper with no special meaning). Section 7 (Standard Step Library) says that: "…several steps use this element for result information:







but I read this more as a hint of what to expect from a typical standard XProc step.


I remember raising this long time ago but I think the conclusion of the WG was that this not really an issue.




For EXProc, my opinion is that we can just fix the problem of distinguishing between a successful/unsuccessful c:result easily by saying that if you use fail-on-error=false, you get an c:error document, and not a c:result document. Or something like that.





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I think this is the right place for that discussion


We use for the moment c:result in many places in the spec, but the way it is used is not extensible


The content is most of the time a single string as a direct child


I know we moved on from attribute because it was hard to get the infomation from it, but could we better go for an extra wrapper ?





I'm saying this because I already see some problem of using c:result for example when there is an error or not (in exproc pxf:copy) : we should be able to make the difference between those two


Of course, we could expect that if we will need extension then we will add an extra attribute to c:result, like @version=2 telling that you will need special care about the content, but it will make existing pipeline non conformant


The second point, is that a conformant implementation might need to output extra information using it's own namespace and that would not be possible (unless using attribute which is pretty limited)



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