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RE: tag name state

From: David Lee <David.Lee@marklogic.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 06:36:11 -0800
To: David Carlisle <davidc@nag.co.uk>, "public-xml-er@w3.org" <public-xml-er@w3.org>
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> Thus I'd like it to be the case that the output from xml-er is
> guaranteed to be equivalent to the output of an xml parser from some input.
> David

Back to square one 1 ! Its  not so simple.
Where is it defined what is the "output of an xml parser" ?
If we don't have that we can't guarantee an xml-er parser is equivalent to it.
Suggestion: we say at an XML-ER parser produces an abstract data model ... then its up to which one ... INFOSET ? XDM ? ... Probably INFOSET as XDM drops several artifacts of XML that might be useful to upstream parser .
But then that does exclude cases such as supporting invalid XML unicode codepoints.

But then I havent read the INFOSET specs in years so I am going on old man braincells here ... 

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