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Re: Semtech 2011

From: Krzysztof Janowicz <jano@psu.edu>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 09:15:31 -0400
Message-ID: <4DAD8AF3.8080807@psu.edu>
To: public-xg-ssn@w3.org, "Taylor, Kerry (ICT Centre, Acton)" <Kerry.Taylor@csiro.au>

we are using the ontology in multiple papers and software, for instance 
for our implementation of a semantics-enabled sensor plug & play 
infrastructure in 52 North as well as a RESTful SOS Proxy to serve 
linked sensor data (also available at 52 North). Will there be a SSN 
workshop at ISWC 2011?


On 04/19/2011 05:36 AM, P.Barnaghi@surrey.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi Kerry,
> We are implementing a smart gateway for wireless sensor networks and 
> as a part of the work sensor nodes publish their capabilities 
> (according to a modified SSN ontology) into the gateway. We then plan 
> to use the SSN ontology instances for indexing and discovery of 
> sensing resources in a distributed network. If you think this would be 
> relevant, we can provide more information (and we have also our work 
> on Linked-sensor data that can use SSN model).
> Best wishes,
> Payam
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> SSN-XG-ers
> As discussed at one of the last telecons, I submitted a proposal to 
> Semtech and it was accepted, to speak on the SSN-XG
> (see http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/  and 
> http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/sessionPop.cfm?confid=62&proposalid=4044 
> <http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/sessionPop.cfm?confid=62&proposalid=4044>).
> I'd like to talk about what people are doing with the SSN ontology, 
> not just the ontology itself.  I am quite happy to present what I know 
> from
> your contributions to the XG, but if you'd like to see your work 
> highlighted well, then please send me some material I can work from 
> (and make sure you incude all the references to the people and funders 
> or whatever you want to have recognised).
> I have an hour to talk, so a few slides (or just some text) would be 
> fine. If you respond to this, I'll come back with questions as I try 
> to pull it together.
> Laurent recently did a bit of a hunt for references to the XG's work 
> -- he came up with some 50 or so citations! (Laurent will correct me 
> if I have that number very wrong).
> Thanks,
> Kerry

Krzysztof Janowicz

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