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RE: [EMOXG] Use Case 3 Requirements Analysis

From: Ian Wilson <ian@emotion.ai>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 09:08:24 -0500
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To: enrico.zovato@loquendo.com


1. For me, Penalty and Reward are two separate items that are handled by
separate systems and a single event can have both Penalty and Reward values. If
they are merged then that becomes an architecture constraint (well, for me
anyway). It would be nice to be able to avoid that if possible.

3b. Ok, I will update those items.


Emotion AI

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From: "Zovato Enrico" [enrico.zovato@loquendo.com]
Date: 25/11/2006 05:32

Dear Ian and all,

Your document is an excellent starting point for the UC3 requirements

discussion, and at this stage we agree to organize things at a very

general level. Anyway here are some comments that we hope will be



> 1. Which items do you think should be cut from the set (if any)?

Regarding the input events, maybe the reward and penalty items could be

merged into one item whose values could span from negative to positive


> 2. Which items do you think should be added to the set (if any)?


> 3. For requirements that you specified in the original set:

>    a. Have I interpreted them correctly?

We think so.

>    b. Should they be listed differently?

Just few annotations. Regarding the output events, and particularly the

third one, it would be better to indicate in a general way "Speech to

produce" or "Audio to produce" in stead of "Speech act to produce".

Actually we should consider both speech (including speech acts) and

non-speech events like laughs, pains, hesitations, etc.

Moreover in the sub-item "vocal parameter to update" the example "muscle

contractions" could be replaced by "pitch raise" or "speech rate

increase" or something like that.


Best Regards,

Enrico e Paolo

Gruppo Telecom Italia - Direzione e coordinamento di Telecom Italia S.p.A.



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