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Re: [humanitarian-ict] A poll on Disaster Management Systems

From: Gavin Treadgold <gt@kestrel.co.nz>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 10:45:06 +1300
Cc: public-xg-eiif <public-xg-eiif@w3.org>
Message-Id: <2E4B8593-ADA3-4C45-895F-86F191C1E375@kestrel.co.nz>
To: Sahana <humanitarian-ict@yahoogroups.com>

With a quick search I've added another 10, but there are probably  
plenty more out there.

A couple of big ones missed are the likes of e-Sponder, WebEOC, and e- 
Team that have seen some significant deployments in the US and  

I'm very interested in being able to build a functional record of what  
each system can provide, however, you'll struggle with many of the  
commercial systems to be able to undertake a complete analysis of all  
the functions that they provide.

If you want, I can put a request out on the IAEM list and I can  
probably get more detail on what systems are being used.

Cheers Gav

On 2009-01-22, at 2331, Chamindra de Silva wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am still looking for more applicable system for the evaluation. Let
> me know what you think of the following list. Are they popular?
> relevant? Have I missed a significant item:
>    * UN Reliefweb
>    * CrowdSourcing Crisis Information System
>    * UN OCHA Who is Doing What Where
>    * Risepak
>    * Sahana
>    * DMIS Disaster Management Information System
>    * Federal Emergency Management Information System
>    * UN Virtual OSOCC
> Already looked at the OCHA 3W and the new version looks good.
> I am just classifying all of them under this meta-data for now:
> Summary 	
> Type / Scope / Phase 	
> Standards Implemented 	
> Key Features 	
> Significant Deployments 	
> Links 	
> Not making any deep assessments for the first iteration. Again send me
> any system I may have missed please
> thanks,
> Chamindra
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Chamindra de Silva
> <chamindra@opensource.lk> wrote:
>> Hi Olivier,
>> 2009/1/12 Olivier Sarrat <osarrat@urd.org>:
>>> I should meet them to know more about this, but the meeting is  
>>> always
>>> postponed due to more urgent matters... Maybe I could send you a  
>>> report to
>>> you Chamindra, after I managed to meet them (possibly in february).
>> Yes please do and I would appreciate if everyone can share
>> systems/portals/products that you are aware of for disaster and
>> emergency management. If adding it directly to the WIKI is a hassle,
>> appreciate if you can just share a link (and if possible with some of
>> the meta data identified in the template).
>> thanks,
>> chamindra de silva
>> http://chamindra.googlepages.com
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