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Re: [humanitarian-ict] A poll on Disaster Management Systems

From: Carl Reed <creed@opengeospatial.org>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 10:40:37 -0700
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To: <fiedrich@gwu.edu>, "Chamindra de Silva" <chamindra@opensource.lk>
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There are a large number of new DM/EM web based applications emerging in the 
European Market place. These applications are being driven by several EU 
wide programs, such as INSPIRE, ORCHESTRA, SANY, and GMES. From the 
ORCHESTRA website:

ORCHESTRA is designing and implementing the specifications for a service 
oriented spatial data infrastructure for improved interoperability among 
risk management authorities in Europe, which will enable the handling of 
more effective disaster risk reduction strategies and emergency management 
operations. The ORCHESTRA Architecture is open and based on standards. Its 
specifications are contained in a document called the Reference 
Model-ORCHESTRA Architecture (RM-OA) which is open and free of charge, and 
can be downloaded from http://www.eu-orchestra.org/publications.shtml.

The work in Europe cannot be ignored even though many of the applications, 
such as SLEWS (early warning for landslides) are in development. AS all 
these activities are standards based, one needs to consider when evaluating 
existing systems whether then can easily tie into or integrate with 
standards based architectures such as are being implemented in Europe (and 
more and more in Asia). From this perspective, SAHANA and some of the UN 
applications that use GeoNetwork are well positioned.



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From: "Frank Fiedrich" <fiedrich@gwu.edu>
To: "Chamindra de Silva" <chamindra@opensource.lk>
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Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 8:36 AM
Subject: Re: [humanitarian-ict] A poll on Disaster Management Systems

> Chamindra,
> for disaster logistics / warehousing you may want to consider SUMA (kind 
> of outdated but still used) and LSS. Here are the links: 
> http://www.disaster-info.net/SUMA/english/index.htm  and www.lssweb.int. 
> Are you just interested in no-cost-solutions?
> -- Frank
> Chamindra de Silva wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am still looking for more applicable system for the evaluation. Let
>> me know what you think of the following list. Are they popular?
>> relevant? Have I missed a significant item:
>>     * UN Reliefweb
>>     * CrowdSourcing Crisis Information System
>>     * UN OCHA Who is Doing What Where
>>     * Risepak
>>     * Sahana
>>     * DMIS Disaster Management Information System
>>     * Federal Emergency Management Information System
>>     * UN Virtual OSOCC
>> Already looked at the OCHA 3W and the new version looks good.
>> I am just classifying all of them under this meta-data for now:
>> Summary Type / Scope / Phase Standards Implemented Key Features 
>> Significant Deployments Links
>> Not making any deep assessments for the first iteration. Again send me
>> any system I may have missed please
>> thanks,
>> Chamindra
>> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Chamindra de Silva
>> <chamindra@opensource.lk> wrote:
>>> Hi Olivier,
>>> 2009/1/12 Olivier Sarrat <osarrat@urd.org>:
>>>> I should meet them to know more about this, but the meeting is always
>>>> postponed due to more urgent matters... Maybe I could send you a report 
>>>> to
>>>> you Chamindra, after I managed to meet them (possibly in february).
>>> Yes please do and I would appreciate if everyone can share
>>> systems/portals/products that you are aware of for disaster and
>>> emergency management. If adding it directly to the WIKI is a hassle,
>>> appreciate if you can just share a link (and if possible with some of
>>> the meta data identified in the template).
>>> thanks,
>>> chamindra de silva
>>> http://chamindra.googlepages.com
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