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WS-Addressing 1.0 Metadata second last call

From: Bob Freund-Hitachi <bob.freund@hitachisoftware.com>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 13:37:50 -0400
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The W3C WS-Addressing WG has published a second Last Call Working Draft
of the Web Services Addressing 1.0 - Metadata specification.  The
deadline for comments is 8 June 2007. 

The document is available at


We look forward to receiving any comments your WG may have on this Last
Call Working Draft. Comments on this document are invited and are to be
sent to the public public-ws-addressing-comments@w3.org mailing list.
We are interested in particular in comments from the Web Services Policy
and Web Services Description Working Group. We are also interested in
comments from OASIS technical committees, in particular the Web Services
Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) TC and the Web Services Transactions (WS-TX)


Interoperability testing will occur the week of May 21, 2007 at the
WS-Policy interoperability testing session in Ottawa Canada.


Please note that the document contains substantial changes compared to
the previous version. In particular, the document defines new WS-Policy
assertions, based on the Web Services Policy 1.5 framework.

These new policy assertions are a result of the WS-Policy WG's review of
the first last call version of this document.  No changes have been made
to associated text since the WS-Policy WG acknowledged the satisfactory
resolution to the issue thus raised. [2]


If your Working Group is interested in reviewing these drafts, please
let me know, especially if you think you need more than three weeks
after publication for your review.


The decision to move to Last Call was made on May 14, 2007 [1].


No formal objection has been reported.


No patent disclosure has been reported.





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