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From how I see it

From: B.Connolly <bob@bcpictures.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 21:03:31 -0400
To: public-web-plugins@w3.org
Message-Id: <F080090B-DB4E-11D7-9329-0003935B4162@bcpictures.com>

 From how I see it -


the patent is solid, well documented and Microsoft should just buy 
Eolas. Microsoft knew they were stealing this technology. Microsoft 
tried to steal QuickTime 2 (Video for windows and got caught) and they 
paid Apple big money to keep silent on that issue.  - Apple has bought 
a lot of video software companies lately and they are not overflowing 
in cash - but at least they do not steal software patents.

Or- Microsoft is going to now charge for a browser with enhanced 
capabilities and pass some of those fees to Eolas for use of "embedded 
applications"  in a web browser. The standard version will be free  - 
It will give them a good excuse to start to charge for a technology 
that at this point was "free".

The public that likes Macromedia Flash will make an outcry - Microsoft 
will throw the blame on Eolas - and Macromedia.

Or- Macromedia will have to fork out some money if it want's to sell 
"Flash MX".

It seems that the problem arises if the "application" is embedded in 
the web page.
If you invoke QuickTime player and it plays outside of the of the web 
browser - no problem. Even Flash can play inside a QuickTime container. 
- Even In full screen mode- outside of the browser.

I feel sorry for flash SWF developers - they will be hit hard because 
Microsoft will drag this out and cause uncertainty for employers that 
may not want to spend money developing a flash web site that might not 
be supported by future Free versions of IE.

AOL's Netscape may come to the rescue - they are offering many 
advantages - firewall, video chat etc.

Adobe's Acrobat 6  allows embedded SWF. Flash developers could move 
their talents to downloadable PDF.
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