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Re: Prior Art

From: Hector Santos <winserver.support@winserver.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 17:06:08 -0400
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> The patent also talks about hypermedia documents which sounds like files
> that contain clickable links in them.
> When it comes to patents, its important to use very broad definitions
> for terms.  Microsoft Word for example could be considered a browser.
> People often use Word to read files that people send them.  Many times
> these files are supplied across a network from a file server to a client
> computer which is running Word.  As a side benefit, Word even allows
> people to change the files they are browsing. ;-)

Yes, these simple concepts any Text or GUI Reader/Writer PRIOR ART to
atleast cover some aspects of the patent.    Thats what I am saying.  This
is ALL too obvious. There has to be something MORE to this we don't know
about, either that or Microsoft needs to get a better team of IP lawyers.

> So it might be possible to find a word processor program to overturn the
> '906 patent.  Does anyone know of a word processor that was on the
> market before Oct. 17, 1994 (or better yet, before Oct. 17, 1993) that
> supported embedded files?

Sure, you had a bunch of technologies that offer "tag processing" systems.

The original Mother of the all,  Multi-Mate,  Wordstar,   even Word was
around,   The unix wienies can probably elaborate more, but you had Brief,
Epsilon, and a bunch of other unix based systems.

I recall RunOff  as being one of the original tag based media presentation
systems.  People wrote frontends for it.  In fact,  I always though Acrobat
gots started with PDF using RUNOFF concepts.

But even then,  hypertext was presented in the 80s'  pre-HTML/HTTP and
during the mid 80s,  a AI Pittsburgh company I believe by the name of
"Knowledge Base (Solutions?)" was pushing a graphical KB system for the then
big buzz of "Expertise Systems."   This ran on a Sun (GUI based) machine.
This system NETWORKED data and images across the corporation to provide an
"Expertise System" for corporations.

How about the "Though Processors"  basically the "Outliners"  which helped
organizations outline data across a organization.

Oh, oh,  how about that BIGGY that really never got of the flloor, it was
one of Lotus's big dream,  what was it called  FrameWork? Frame Something?
that wanted to completely take control of everything you do,  I mean
everything everything,  images, word, spreadsheets, email, etc.

Lets I said, this patent is BOGUS!  That has got to be something else here I
am not aware of.  Either that or the US patent process has gone down the


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