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RE: What a prior art product must do

From: Richard M. Smith <rms@computerbytesman.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 16:54:27 -0400
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No, I would argue that a browser is any program that just shows a file
on a screen.  The terms "Web" and "HTML" don't appear in claim #1, so
there's no reason to add them in! ;-)


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> Looking over just claim #1 of the '906 patent, here's my reading what
> product must do as a minimum to be prior art for the '906 patent:
> 1.  There must be a browser application that runs on a client

Define Browser.  Does this specifically target HTML based applications

> 2.  The browser must display documents which are supplied over
>     a network from a server computer.

File transfers protocols and ascii screen dumps have existed for day of

> 3.  The browser must accept a command in a document to
>     display an embedded file which is also supplied by a server.

Display or execute?   If by display it means to "transfer" the file,
thats been done for years.

> 4.  An external program residing on the client computer is
>     loaded and executed to display the embedded file within a
>    area of the  browser window.

If this is just about the embedding of "binary images" within current
presentation, I can certainly entertain a unique technology.

By about ANSI ART Browsers or Non-windows based Thumbnail Browser

For ANSI,  this will only WORK if the client machine supports a external
program (driver) running on the machine to intepret the ANSI code.  Not
system can display ansi art without going thru the extra effort.

For a THUMBNAIL,  go to many BBS system that offer IMAGES for viewing.
you would like to VIEW them in a interactive client controlled process,
need to download an external program.

Again,  I admit to some ignorance about the current patent laws
software,  but the concepts have been around for a while.

The real question is whether  the patent is broad enough to cover MORE
just a HTML-based BROWSER,

> 5.  The browser must allow a user to interact with the external
> application  which is displaying the external.

A thumbnail program just to name one.

Do you know a many PORN sites started with BBS packages before the
came around?   We had PORN customers,  REAL ESTATE CUSTOMERS,  Print
customers, medical imaging customer, etc,  well before the internet.

I am going to find it really ironic if Microsoft can read what I am
even have someone contact me, so I can provide more information, and use
"OLD BBS" technology as prior art.   The internet is changing every day
using incorporating techology that originating in the old BBS systems.
Microsoft has to GO there to find prior art.  They have my number below.


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