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RE: Draft of guide doc for GL 2.5 L2 SC 1 (UPDATED) - Intent section

From: Andi Snow-Weaver <andisnow@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:39:09 -0500
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Thanks. I think you are right. I was really struggling to come up with
rationale for why identification of errors is more important for users with
disabilities. I don't think it is. As you say, the important thing is that
the error information is "accessible".

But this really just means that error information has to meet all of the
applicable WCAG guidelines just like all the other information does. I
wonder if we even need this success criterion at all? Certainly the use of
color and other text styles are covered under GL 1.3. We could submit the
appropriate techniques for GL 1.3 and recommend that this success criterion
be removed.

What do you think?

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Re: Draft of guide doc for GL 2.5 L2 SC 1 (If an input error is detected,
the error is identified and provided to the user in text.)
 - Intent section

I think the Intent section needs to cover how the provision of error
information differs from other information. For example, it isn't
to indicate errors with colour and increased font-weight at the relevant
form element. These are not enough for some users to understand that an
error has occurred, where it occurred and what they need to do about it.

Suggestion for Intent section content:
[start suggestion]
The intent of this success criterion is to ensure notification of input
errors, and other related information, is specifically provided in text
format. In the case of an unsucessful form submission, simply presenting
form again with the problem areas highlighted (in red and bold for example)
will be insufficient for some user groups to perceive that information
an error is being conveyed.
[end suggestion]

The 'benefits' section would then describe an example of a user group to
which this would apply (such as a screen reader user).

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