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RE: revised proposed definition of "input error" - action item

From: Michael Cooper <michaelc@watchfire.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:54:23 -0400
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Hi - I think we need a definition that can go in the glossary of the guidelines themselves, plus additional explanatory material for the guide doc. Accordingly, for the guidelines I might propose something along the lines of:

input error: data that does not meet expected format or content parameters required by the Web site.

In the guide doc, we could expand on this, point out that it's just a violation of expectations but not necessarily an "error" from the user's perspective, and also point out that there can be bad data that is not detected by the Web site, but that falls out of scope of the guideline, since it only addresses errors the site will report.


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> Subject: revised proposed definition of "input error" - action item
> One of my action items from September 12 2005 WCAG WG 
> teleconference (based 
> upon
> discussions at that teleconference as well as other discussion):
> Revised definition of "input error" from user's perspective 
> (to go in Guide 
> Document):
> "From a user's perspective, a nonconformance (deviation?, 
> incorrectness?) 
> with respect to
>   expected parameters (expectations?), detectable by a site, 
> when a user
> enters (mostly?) data into forms on that site."
> Thoughts?  Comments?  NOTE: I still had some questions 
> (denoted by ?) on
> some of the terminology in the definition, as to whether some 
> words were more
> suitable than others..
> Thanks and best wishes
> Tim Boland NIST 
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