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RE: Last Call Review: EARL 1.0 Schema Last Call Working Draft

From: shuaib <skarim@ifs.tuwien.ac.at>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 19:23:35 +0000
To: "'Johannes Koch'" <johannes.koch@fit.fraunhofer.de>
Cc: <public-wai-ert@w3.org>
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Hi Johannes,

For example, there can be inline graphics and multimedia in the contents for
which separate http:Requests are generated. The existing schema is depicting
the multiple requests. It would also be interesting to capture and depict
the "actual" time durations to fulfill these requests (difference between
timestamps of corresponding requests-responses) by the respective servers.
This will help to suggest/adapt the system with "suitable" time durations
for these in-line entities according to user profile which contain data
about user impairments among other user profile information. The time
durations may vary depending upon various constraints such as constraints
due to local machine, remote servers, network, and user impairments. For a
person with learning deficit problems it would be fine, rather desirable, if
the information is presented slowly, whereas, for a person with motor
problems the presentation on the display could be similar to a person
without any impairments. I mean to say the presentation flow should be in
real time, and real time varies depending upon the user's impairments
profile.  AND this variation can be addressed effectively using semantics of
HTTP schema.

In fact, when semantics (both structural and functional) for HTTP and
impairments exist then any one of those may influence the other and vice
versa for optimization. I think this issue is about WCAG suggestion for
controlling layout and style for presentation (priority 2).

These are some sketchy ideas. I am still not sure how far these are
practical at present.

Looking for your valuable comments.

Best Regards,
Shuaib Karim

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Subject: Re: Last Call Review: EARL 1.0 Schema Last Call Working Draft

Hi Shuaib,

thanks for reviewing the HTTP-in-RDF draft.

shuaib schrieb:
> Some remarks on HTTP schema:
> 2.    I believe the "Connection" class should be enhanced with more
> semantics w.r.t. RFC 2616. Those might be beneficial for evaluating
> accessibility of dynamic web sites.

Which enhancements for the Connection class do you have in mind?
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