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another response to reply today: home page ready for EOWG

From: <michaeka@wellsfargo.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 12:55:14 -0700
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To: public-wai-eo-site@w3.org
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Hello, all -

In response to Shawn's query about the latest draft of the WAI home page,
I'm not comfortable with this draft, but could go either way re whether to
discuss with EOWG or have another round with the content with WSTF. 

I am not happy with the way the left nav is added to the WAI home page. I
think the nav needs context, particularly with the truncated link names. For
example, for a newbie to the site, what would "Content (WCAG WG)" mean? We
can add title attributes to the links (which a screen reader would hear - if
set to that option), but what about those who don't have access to the title
attributes - for example, a mobility-impaired person who cannot use a mouse?

Attached is another draft of the WAI home page. The left column includes the
same links as Shawn's draft, except for W3C Home and WAI home. They are not
needed for this page. The third-level left nav links are all still there and
easily available to power users, but they are also given context for new

For example, the complete working group names are given with the
abbreviation following. Thus, when a user sees the truncated left nav links,
they have already been introduced to the full name of the groups so have
more context.

The descriptive content also makes the home page more inviting and flowing
and not so dry. We should also not forget to consider graphics, even if we
just have placeholders.

I took out the "Related Pages" header. I don't see how the contact and site
links would fall under this category.

The WAI home page states that WAI is an "international forum for
collaboration." I don't think we can stop there, but need a phrase or
sentence on what we collaborate on.

The acronym for the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group
(AUWG) doesn't match its name - cognitive dissonance here. Did they change
their name and not the acronym? Shouldn't they change the acronym to ATWG?


Blossom Michaeloff
Web Research and Design
Wells Fargo


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