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RE: another response to reply today: home page ready for EOWG

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:32:09 -0500
To: <michaeka@wellsfargo.com>, <public-wai-eo-site@w3.org>
Message-ID: <005f01c45a32$b6c98020$6e45c418@SLHenry>

I posted Blossom's page at:

I integrated comments from the list into another proposal, at: 
Details about it, called "version 2c" are below.

> Attached is another draft of the WAI home page. The left 
> column includes the same links as Shawn's draft, except for 
> W3C Home and WAI home. They are not needed for this page. The 
> third-level left nav links are all still there and easily 
> available to power users, but they are also given context for 
> new users.

I left the left hierarchical navigation - see Michael's reply &
Blossom's reply for more info.

> For example, the complete working group names are given with 
> the abbreviation following. Thus, when a user sees the 
> truncated left nav links, they have already been introduced 
> to the full name of the groups so have more context.

I think this gives way too much emphasis on the working groups. We have
talked about routing users through the intro pages, and not directly to
the working group pages.

Therefore version 4c:
* removed the expansion of Guidelines & Resources and WAI Groups

> The descriptive content also makes the home page more 
> inviting and flowing and not so dry.

I wonder if we can have descriptive content with more "meat" or content,
rather than just nice words that don't really convey new information.
E.g., in "This site provides a rich array of guidelines, techniques, and
other resources for Web accessibility" , "rich array" might be
troublesome for non-native-English speakers, and guidelines and
resources is already in the tag line.

Version 4c:
* added wording under About WAI

> I took out the "Related Pages" header. I don't see how the 
> contact and site links would fall under this category.

I think with the current home page design there are some <h2>s that we
need to leave in there for proper structure markup but do not do show in
the visual rendering. This is one of them (on the home page only).

We have defined that on many pages throughout the site we will have a
"Related Pages" section. For consistency, we might want to also use that
heading on the home page (at least in markup, though probably not
visually) even if it is a bit of a stretch here.

> The WAI home page states that WAI is an "international forum 
> for collaboration." I don't think we can stop there, but need 
> a phrase or sentence on what we collaborate on.

Version 4c:
* added wording under About WAI

other notes about Version 4c:
- keeps "Highlights" heading above the fold in most common
configurations and still uses a decent sized default font
- I'm a little concerned about missing a strong "Getting Started" link.
At one point we talked about having it in "utility navigation" so that
it would be on every page. Last week we thought if Guidelines and
Resources was expanded in the left nav on the home page, that would
provide sufficient access to "getting started". However, it is neither
place in 4c, so for now:
* added "Getting Started" to links (in structure under "Related Pages"
H2, visually at end of left column)
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