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Re: anti age discrimination legislation

From: Isabelle Motte <isabelle.motte@fundp.ac.be>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:21:06 +0100
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A reference about accessibility laws in the world :

In the document "EU Charter of Fundamental Rights", one of the article specifically aims at the elderly :

Extract of page 22 :

                                                Article 25
                                       The rights of the elderly
The Union recognises and respects the rights of the elderly to lead a life of dignity and independence and to participate in social and cultural life.

Extract from the Riga Declaration :
ICT contributes to improving the quality of everyday life and social participation of Europeans, facilitating access to information, media, content and services, to enhanced and more flexible job opportunities, and to fight against discrimination. Improving ICT access for people with disabilities and elderly is particularly important.

i2010 is the EU policy framework for the information society and media. It promotes the positive contribution that information and communication technologies (ICT) can make to the economy, society and personal quality of life.
i2010 mid-term review 2008 
Extract of page 72 :
Communication ‘Ageing well in the
Information Society — An i2010
Initiative — Action Plan on Information
and Communication Technologies and
Ageing’, COM(2007) 332, 14.06.2007
Proposal for a Decision on participation
by the Community in a research and
development programme aimed at
enhancing the quality of life of older people
through the use of new Information and
Communication Technologies (ICT),
COM(2007) 329, 14.06.2007

What seems interresting to me ...


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