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Re: create a public list to announce new publications; deadline Oct 15

From: <chaals@yandex-team.ru>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 12:44:33 +0200
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- all

14.10.2014, 01:53, "Stephen Zilles" <szilles@adobe.com>:
> Art,
> I think a CfC on a mailing list is premature because there are, as far as I can see, some important questions that still need to be answered before implementing a scheme.

Possibly true, but…

> The discussion of the topic has raised a number of issues, such as what is the best way to do notifications (push, pull, both, calendars, ...).

I believe the intention in proposing a mailing list is to clarify that at least that mechanism is one that should be used, without prejudice beyond the resource cost to additional possible mechanisms.

> What do the notifications mean?

As emails, I presume they mean what they say in the email. Your question about what would be appropriate, below, seems a more relevant one.

> It was suggested that the Team be responsible for doing the notification, but that would seem to require some consistency of usage of the mechanism.

The question of who a Working Group designates to do their work is generally one for the WG itself. The question of whether posting to the mailing list would be restricted, to make it effectively an announce-only list, is important. But the two are orthogonal, unless we do something stupid like block a review request from someone making one on behalf of a Working Group.

> The CSS WG, for example, often requests (on www-style) reviews of major changes of a single feature. Would this list be appropriate for such announcements?

As I understand the proposal and the Process, the list would be an ideal *additional* place to make such announcements. I understand that a large number of people follow www-style - although the audience for CSS is enormous, so it is probably still an infinitesimal fraction. But for people from review groups like TAG, i18n, accessibility, privacy, etc, or people who habitually review specs and propose improvements in clarity, it is less likely that they follow www-style.

> Finally, this discussion has taken place on public-w3process, but the most people most affected by this proposal are on the Chairs mailing list. Would not that list be a more appropriate place to do a CfC?

Neither list has authority to make a list, but both are potentially sensible places to request discussion and consensus among the respective communities that such a list is a good idea.



> Steve Z
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>>  From: Arthur Barstow [mailto:art.barstow@gmail.com]
>>  Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 4:09 AM
>>  To: public-w3process
>>  Subject: CfC: create a public list to announce new publications; deadline Oct
>>  15
>>  In the spirit of facilitating and increasing the likelihood of early and wide
>>  document reviews, a number of people in thread [1] voiced support for
>>  creating a Public list the Publications team would use to announce
>>  publications of FPWDs, LCWDs, 2014-preCRs and CRs. This is a Call for
>>  Consensus (CfC) to create such a list and for the Publications team to use it
>>  when these types of documents are published.
>>  If anyone has any comments or concerns about this CfC, please reply by Oct
>>  15.
>>  Assuming this CfC `passes`, a secondary issue is the name of the list. I am
>>  indifferent and offer these possibilities:
>>  public-{pubs,publications}; other suggestions are welcome and encouraged.
>>  -Thanks, AB
>>  [1] <http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-
>>  w3process/2014Oct/0000.html>

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