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Re: TT and subtitling

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Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 08:25:54 -0800 (PST)
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Johnb@screen.subtitling.com wrote...

>> Subtitles
>> - Intended for all viewers who speak a given language*
>> - Displayed by default for those viewers
> In Digital broadcasting multiple subtitles are transmitted in parallel for
> multiple languages.

Yes.  For example, English-speaking viewers would receive subtitles for
English-speaking viewers, while French-speaking viewers would receive
subtitles for French-speaking viewers.

An important difference between subtitles and captions -- one of several
reasons why we must differentiate between them -- is that subtitles aren't
necessary for content already in the viewer's native language.  Captions

> IMHO the distinction is simpler:

The distinction is that you classify captioning as a type of subtitle
because you own "subtitling.com"?   :O)

Seriously, they're for different audiences (subtitles are dialog intended
for all speakers of a given language, captions are for the hearing-impaired
and contain more than just dialog) and have different mechanics (subtitles
should be displayed for all viewers who speak a given language, while
captions are specifically for the hearing-impaired), and TT must
differentiate between them unless accessibility is not a goal.

>> This needs to be defined as part of the standard since content may
>> include both subtitles and captioning (although they will generally be
>> exclusive).
> Again, I see no need for markup differentiating the type of text - why is
> this felt necessary?

Between my last two posts on the topic this should be clear, but I welcome
specific questions.

-- Charles Wiltgen
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