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RE: Overlap between OWL-S and WSDL

From: Jun Shen <jshen@it.swin.edu.au>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:12:28 +1000
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Hi, Bram,

Just try CMU's WSDL2OWL-S.



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Subject: Overlap between OWL-S and WSDL

Hi All,

I am interested in creating my own Ontology using OWL-S for an application 
involving distributed multimedia with QoS.

My question involves the overlap between OWL-S and WSDL. I read this from 
the article "OWL-S: Semantic Markup for Web Services":

As indicated by Figure 3, the two languages do overlap in the area of 
providing for the specification of what WSDL calls ``abstract types'', 
which in turn are used to characterize the inputs and outputs of services. 
WSDL, by default, specifies abstract types using XML Schema, whereas OWL-S 
allows for the definition of abstract types as (description logic-based) 
OWL classes 5.

Does this mean that chunks of OWL-S defining atomic processes and 
inputs/outputs can be directly re-used as the WSDL operations and messages?

Thanks for any advice!


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