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Re: Minutes of our meeting:

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 13:29:20 -0500
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Ivan Herman wrote:
> <<<
>    ivan: asks for kjetil's next step plans
>    <leobard> kjetilk: the data projects are promising
>    kjetilk: try to make projects proceed somehow, maybe give some
>    exposure already
>    susie: maybe the rest of the group could have a look at the list and
>    collect some comments wrt chance to being successful etc
>    <leobard> susie: next week we can select which project we support
>    ivan: linked data seems to have the largest impact, but may not
>    really match the idea of convincing outsiders, as its more data
>    oriented, not really app-focused
>    <leobard> ivan: the "linking open data" project's value is only for
>    semantic web geeks.
>    <LeeF> +1 to ivan's take on the projects
>    ivan: on the other hand: an excellent project that may be a
>    prerequisite for other ones
>    <leobard> ivan: we want to have several projects we give publicity
>    <leobard> ivan: not only one or two projects
>    <wing> nice, kjetilk
>    kjetilk: agrees with ivan that his project is, without being biased,
>    is more useful for the showing side
>    ... ;)
Ivan / Lee,

The Linking Data Project is in no shape of form Geek oriented. This is unfortunately an incorrect characterization of the project.

The last thing Chris, Richard, Stefano, myself, and others have in mind is yet another Semantic Web Geek Project. We are all very anti-semantic-web-geek. This is why we have specifically set a goal to make this project usable by the hypothetical Grandma.

Please send some specific questions about this project that can aid in correcting the current misconceptions.

Kjetil: Your FOAF project (and others that may emerge in time) can interoperate with this project i.e. use it as a rich data source since there will be a lot of FOAF instance data exposed (amongst other things).

All: Ideally, all of the projects should simply demonstrate the power of RDF in practical and pragmatic ways (what we are all seeking).

Publicity wise, these projects are are already exceeding the most optimistic of expectations (from my vantage point). Kudos to Kjetil for kicking this off, big time! 

I would still encourage the: Add as many projects to the basket as possible approach to this effort. When all is said an done we want to generating in-bound and out-bound typed links to a resevoir of RDF Data :-)

Lee/Ivan: Note the Linking Data project has a mailing list, so I would encourage you to post some questions there re. goal clarity and execution mechanics etc..



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