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Minutes of our meeting:

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 18:22:15 +0100
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                       Semantic Web EO IG Telco

14 Feb 2007

   See also: [2]IRC log

      [2] http://www.w3.org/2007/02/14-SWEO-irc


          Susie, Dunja, Martin, Kjetil, Leo, Ivan, Wing, Lee, Paula,
          Orri, Benjamin, PaulW, Karen, Uldis

          Kingsley, Alistair, Pasquale


          Benjamin (bengee)


     * [3]action item recap
     * [4]Community projects
     * [5]Info gathering
     * [6]Survey
     * [7]Use cases
     * [8]F2F in Stavanger
     * [9]Any other business
     * [10]Change of telco's timing

     * [11]Summary of Action Items

action item recap

   scribe: pinging the DE/AT W3C office, no reply yet

   <ivan> ACTION: Susie to ping the w3c de/at office again [recorded in

   scribe: re brochures for www2007

   <Dunitschka> yea i did

   scribe: jeff

   <leobard> bengee: Alistair Duke had an action item to sum up his use

   scribe: alistair making progress on his use ase action item
   ... several case study contacts are being worked on (nokia?,
   ontotext, ..)

Community projects

   nxt: kjetil on community projects



   nxt: linked data got lots of cimmitments

   commitments even



   foaf whitelisting as well



   scribe: a new one: media widgets



   the 4 projects just pasted by kjetilk have commitments

   <leobard> question asked: what should we do now given the projects
   at hand?

   ivan: asks for kjetil's next step plans

   <leobard> kjetilk: the data projects are promising

   kjetilk: try to make projects proceed somehow, maybe give some
   exposure already

   susie: maybe the rest of the group could have a look at the list and
   collect some comments wrt chance to being successful etc

   <leobard> susie: next week we can select which project we support

   ivan: linked data seems to have the largest impact, but may not
   really match the idea of convincing outsiders, as its more data
   oriented, not really app-focused

   <leobard> ivan: the "linking open data" project's value is only for
   semantic web geeks.

   <LeeF> +1 to ivan's take on the projects

   ivan: on the other hand: an excellent project that may be a
   prerequisite for other ones

   <leobard> ivan: we want to have several projects we give publicity

   <leobard> ivan: not only one or two projects

   <wing> nice, kjetilk

   kjetilk: agrees with ivan that his project is, without being biased,
   is more useful for the showing side
   ... ;)

   susie: there will probably a list of several projects (not just one)

   *be* a list of

   <kjetilk> +1

   scribe: adds a personal suggestion wrt to the community projects
   ... that the group creates some sort of voting
   ... maybe anonymously

   <kjetilk> +1 for trusting Susie

   susie: maybe just send it to her and she will put it in a
   ... general agreement

   PaulaP: whether voting is one-per-person only

   susie: any input should be welcome

Info gathering

   leobard: not much progress on infogathering, but looks pretty done
   for the first step
   ... will update the wiki pages and pings the list for a review

   <Zakim> kjetilk, you wanted to say that I might not be here next

   Ivan and Kjetilk will probably not be available next week


   Karen ad wing on enterprise survey, candidates for use cases

   scribe: not much news, but positive feedback from within w3c so far

   (if I got that right)

Use cases

   susie pinged several companies (pfizer?, agfa, ) for use case (or
   case studies?) examples

   agfa's jos de roo has already written some things

   <leobard> susie: we received a use case description, but it was too

   scribe: could use that as a starting point
   ... not response from DigitalHarbour yet
   ... ora lassila responded for nokia
   ... there is a project within nokia, but he'll have to forward the
   ... BT
   ... EPA
   ... work that could be useful, would be interested
   ... in general: pretty positive feedback

   scribe: wants to make sure that the ourput is going to be tailored
   to groups like CIOs, CTOs, etc

   <LeeF> Joost

   Ivan suggests to add joost to the list

   <PaulW> [17]http://www.joost.com/

     [17] http://www.joost.com/

   <kjetilk> [18]http://opensource.joost.com/libb/

     [18] http://opensource.joost.com/libb/

   <kjetilk> libby miller

   <uldis_> danbri is also working with asemantics

   <scribe> ACTION: bengee to find right person within joost to contact
   for use case / case study [recorded in


     [20] http://www.leosimons.com/2006/rdf-at-the-venice-project.html

   kjetilk: the practical problems they had could be interesting


   susie: maybe dajobe from yahoo!
   ... swh from garlik

   <leobard> susie: dajobe used rdf for the food website, thats a good
   use case

   scribe: probably on the 23rd of april
   ... currently looking into accommodation etc

   Leobard asks for use case format

   Susie: rather high-level, maybe even "glossy-style"
   ... about 2 pages in length

   <wing> +1 to millions of dollars

   Susie: "how the semweb made me rich"

   <leobard> ontoware

   Leobard: maybe contact even more companies (e.g. vendors)

F2F in Stavanger

   scribe: probably on the 23rd of april
   ... currently looking into accommodation etc

Any other business

   next: AOB
   ... upcoming and past events
   ... interesting demos at cambridge meeting
   ... suggestion to move the call to some earlier time to better suit
   west coast US, and Asia
   ... and GRDDLers

   <leobard> I have something

   Leobard: wonders if anything came out of dialog with semweb school
   AT already

   Susie: still communicating

Change of telco's timing

   Proposal: move it one hour earlier

   <kjetilk> +1

   <ivan> +1

   <PaulaP> +1

   <Karen> +1

   <PaulW> +1

   +1 works for me

   <wing> +1 , either way

   <martind> +1

   <PaulW> +2

   <LeeF> 10am? so early!

   <wing> sorry, LeeF

   <leobard> I have a question about semantic-web.at ...

   decision: to change the sweo call time to be one hour earlier

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: bengee to find right person within joost to contact
   for use case / case study [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: Susie to ping the w3c de/at office again [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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