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Re: Font download in SVGPrint document...

From: Roland Mainz <roland.mainz@informatik.med.uni-giessen.de>
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 08:03:14 +0100
Message-ID: <3FF517B2.373B0BDD@informatik.med.uni-giessen.de>
To: Alex Danilo <alex@research.canon.com.au>
Cc: public-svg-print@w3.org

Alex Danilo wrote:
> >I am currently considering to write a SVGPrint driver for our
> >Mozilla/Eclipse/OpenOffice... after reading quickly throught the
> >documentation I did not find a description how font download (e.g. fonts
> >embedded within the print job) can be implemented (this is a critical
> >issue for CJKV (e.g. Asian) languages where it isn't likely that the
> >printer has all fonts the document uses) - was that issue defined
> >somewhere yet or is that a ToDo item for the future ?
> SVG itself has SVG fonts as a native type of font.  If you were
> embedding glyphs for a CJKV document, you can do it via the use
> of SVG fonts.

I wasn't aware that there is a spec for font outlines described via SVG.
Sounds nice - but it seems to have to write another converter
(TTF/OTF/PS Type1/BDF/PCF) --> SVG-Font... ;-(

Two questions:
- Is there already such a converter available somewhere ?
- IS there any utility which supports SVG fonts (to test the output of
my converter code) ?

> If you mean downloading OpenType or similar fonts, this is a vendor
> specific issue.  I expect that individual vendors would mandate how
> that is done - most probably via some form of job bundling using
> JDF or similar.

It seems that the "SVG fonts" option is the way which should be used for
SVGPrint, otherwise the neccesary support code within devices such as
printers would become much larger just to support another bunch of font
formats (and the SVGPrint spec would need to specify a standard for
downloading such "alien" (e.g. non-XML syntax based) font formats).



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