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Re: SOCIAL HEADLIGHTS GROUP - An update of the social block diagram

From: Alberto Manuel <bpm.tst@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 16:19:15 +0100
Message-ID: <CAMR6YEaXwx93tUogrn+4TcdJTJXV8zS-m=_v-K82L73+V2t2=Q@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-socialweb@w3.org
Hi all:

My apologies for missing the call. I got confused my the meeting hours
posted in the wiki. Then I realized it was referring April 23rd meeting.

2012/5/17 Alberto Manuel <bpm.tst@gmail.com>

> Hi all:
> I would like to add this contribution before this weeks meeting, but other
> results had to be achieved first, apart from that could introduce entropy
> close to the event and I did not had some clear definitions about the
> diagram.
> I made an update (not a re-engineering), witch I propose for discussion,
> based on:
>    1. A snapshot of how social interaction occurs between organizations
>    and where each block sits, without talking about technology and approaches
>    / methods.
>    2. One of the things I think is missing is bringing clarification
>    about what each part of the block means and improve the each block name or
>    tag.
>    3. On the other hand some of each block components where, probably (or
>    not), sitting in the wrong block.
>    1. *Snapshot* : Social interaction is done within two boundaries:
>       1. Personal (me and my family; me and my friends, me and my
>       community);
>       2. Enterprise (me and my colleagues, me and my customers, me and my
>       suppliers, me and my peers ... );
>       3. Every human has an identity and act ("socialize") regarding the
>       environment he is action with. I just made a diagram to show how this fits
>       together.
>       2. *Clarification about each part of the block*. Each time I look
>    to the diagram, some block definitions seems to overlap. Still is very easy
>    to be in my position looking to diagram from the outside, as someone that
>    came from the Social Business Community Group, than someone like all of you
>    that did all the work and somehow can be stuck on words. For the sake of
>    the members I will follow from upper/left corner to the lower/right corner.
>    1. Sharing / Collaboration : Collaboration was being used together
>       with the News feed.
>          1. Sharing is: Accepting an object to be shared in order others
>          can take action if they want to. The object can be a document, a video ...
>          Thus under this category I kept all the object types except:
>             1. Moved Microblog to Messaging block, because it's a type of
>             messaging;
>             2. Deleted Presence, because it's part of the About the
>             Human. Presence, as I understood is about if you are online / offline ...
>             3. Moved Workflow and Task to Collaboration because we do not
>             share workflow like we share a document.
>             2. Messaging:
>          1. Deleted mobile. Mobile is a device type like desktop, unless
>          it means other thing.
>          2. Both in this category and Sharing I left a note about other
>          type of objects and messaging mechanisms that can be used by disabled
>          people that we are forgetting to include. I apologize form the term
>          disabled. I don't remember other.
>          3. Moved Forward / reply to Reactions under Comments. Sending an
>          e-mail is an asynchronous messaging type, where you can Comment by Replying
>          or Forwarding (or do nothing and archive or delete).
>          3. Group Dynamics:
>          1. Merged the actions to manage a group under Group Management.
>       4. Collaboration:
>          1. Received two categories that came from Sharing.
>       5. Reactions:
>          1. Made an update in the Comments category as indicated in the
>          Messaging block.
>       6. Ubiquitous attributes:
>          1. Not catching what the first categories mean, still I think is
>          better to create the Search and Analytic block.
>       7. About the human:
>          1. Added Reputation : Perceived evaluation taken by members of
>          the social graph.
>          2. Where security sits? I see access control in the Social
>          graph. Is the same  thing?
> See attached file.
> Regards.
> --
> Alberto Manuel
> http://ultrabpm.wordpress.com/
> http://pt.linkedin.com/in/albertomanuel

Alberto Manuel
Received on Monday, 21 May 2012 15:20:10 UTC

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