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Fwd: Agenda for next Social networking task force meeting: 21 May, 10AM ET - noon.

From: Jeff Jaffe <jeff@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 11:12:56 -0400
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To: "public-socialweb@w3.org" <public-socialweb@w3.org>
Here is a summary of the discussion for those that were unable to make 
the call.

As background, the social networking task force was designed to be a 
short-term task force.  It had two major checkpoints, to develop a 
report for the AC meeting last week (in which we received Member input 
relative to W3C and social networking) and to prepare for W3C's internal 
planning meeting (Woods meeting) in mid-July in which W3M decides where 
we need to add resources for next year.  Accordingly, the major topic on 
today's call was what (if any) additional work needs to be done to get 
ready for the Woods meeting; and what venue should be used for 
continuing work.

(Also a factor is the travel schedule of our taskforce chair (me) who is 
traveling much of June and in particular has many conflicts with our 
standard Monday meeting time including 28 May (US holiday), 4 June (on 
plane to China), 11 June (Japan), 25 June (offsite MIT meeting), and 2 
July (vacation).)

*1. Fall workshop (jointly sponsored)*.  We reviewed the fact that the 
AC breakout expressed strong support for this workshop - based (among 
other things) on the work on use case and requirements.  However, we 
determined that "task force mode" was not the right way to develop 
this.  This is especially because in the recommendations (see slide 8 of 
the third attachment) there needs to be careful discussion with industry 
players (not all of whom are in W3C) on the technical scope and on their 
involvement.  Accordingly, next steps were assigned to the team.  Anyone 
interested in participation, please let me know.

*2. Social apps enabled through Browser assists.*  This interesting idea 
discussed in the attached charts assumes that browsers could access 
personal data in social sites.  The major AC feedback was a concern that 
Terms and conditions (for social sites) might prevent this from 
happening (at least automatically).  This is something that W3C staff 
counsel should look at.  If we determine that this is not a problem, 
then this probably becomes a candidate topic for the fall workshop.

*3. Use cases, requirements, scenarios, and block diagrams.*  We were 
unclear about the best way to proceed with this work.  It seems unlikely 
that the work can be completed in task force mode since there is a 
defined end date to the task force and much work remains to boil this 
down.  On the other hand, we continue to see good contributions (such as 
Alberto's latest addition to the thread).  We discussed the following 
ideas to continue the work:

 1. Give the Social Business CG "first right of refusal" to be the place
    to continue the work.  On the one hand, there has already been
    overlap of contribution.  So it is logical for a CG (which does not
    have such a limited time) to pick up the task force work.  On the
    other hand, the scope of the block diagram is broader than Social
 2. Spawn a new CG to focus on use case, requirements, scenarios, and
    block diagrams for social networking overall.
 3. Continue discussion on this mailing list
 4. Continue in task force mode and see how far we get by July.

My personal sense is that we should do (1), possibly leading to (2) - 
but we agreed on the call to poll the task force participants.  Please 
provide your input.

Given the scheduling issues (mentioned above), and the assignment of 
"workshop" and "browser assists" to the team, we also concluded that 
this was probably the final task force call.  Of course, if we decide to 
continue "block diagram" in task force mode - we would have additional 

Thanks for your participation and please provide your input.


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Here are the particulars for Monday's call.

Zakim Information

Monday, 21 May 14:00-16:00 UTC (10:00am-12:00pm Boston local)
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 7621 ("SOC1")


1. Debrief from AC readout
    - Ann/Jeff slides, fyi attached
    - Steve slides, fyi, attached
    - Summary report from breakout to AC, fyi, attached.

2. Next steps
    - Fulfilling the AC mandate to create high quality joint workshops
    - Discussion of the best way to continue block diagram work
        - In task force
        - In CG
        - Part of workshop prep

3. Schedule for next calls
    - 28 May, holiday in US
    - Jeff trip to Asia
    - Final readout at "Woods" meeting on 12 July.


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