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SOCIAL HEADLIGHTS GROUP - An update of the social block diagram

From: Alberto Manuel <bpm.tst@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 17:36:18 +0100
Message-ID: <CAMR6YEY30QfA8WjMG7uyMtW=oJ7S7sMEuf5GVWRW25kg-M5d6A@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-socialweb@w3.org
Hi all:

I would like to add this contribution before this weeks meeting, but other
results had to be achieved first, apart from that could introduce entropy
close to the event and I did not had some clear definitions about the

I made an update (not a re-engineering), witch I propose for discussion,
based on:

   1. A snapshot of how social interaction occurs between organizations and
   where each block sits, without talking about technology and approaches /
   2. One of the things I think is missing is bringing clarification about
   what each part of the block means and improve the each block name or tag.
   3. On the other hand some of each block components where, probably (or
   not), sitting in the wrong block.

   1. *Snapshot* : Social interaction is done within two boundaries:
      1. Personal (me and my family; me and my friends, me and my
      2. Enterprise (me and my colleagues, me and my customers, me and my
      suppliers, me and my peers ... );
      3. Every human has an identity and act ("socialize") regarding the
      environment he is action with. I just made a diagram to show how
this fits
      2. *Clarification about each part of the block*. Each time I look to
   the diagram, some block definitions seems to overlap. Still is very easy to
   be in my position looking to diagram from the outside, as someone that came
   from the Social Business Community Group, than someone like all of you that
   did all the work and somehow can be stuck on words. For the sake of the
   members I will follow from upper/left corner to the lower/right corner.
   1. Sharing / Collaboration : Collaboration was being used together with
      the News feed.
         1. Sharing is: Accepting an object to be shared in order others
         can take action if they want to. The object can be a
document, a video ...
         Thus under this category I kept all the object types except:
            1. Moved Microblog to Messaging block, because it's a type of
            2. Deleted Presence, because it's part of the About the Human.
            Presence, as I understood is about if you are online / offline ...
            3. Moved Workflow and Task to Collaboration because we do not
            share workflow like we share a document.
            2. Messaging:
         1. Deleted mobile. Mobile is a device type like desktop, unless it
         means other thing.
         2. Both in this category and Sharing I left a note about other
         type of objects and messaging mechanisms that can be used by disabled
         people that we are forgetting to include. I apologize form the term
         disabled. I don't remember other.
         3. Moved Forward / reply to Reactions under Comments. Sending an
         e-mail is an asynchronous messaging type, where you can
Comment by Replying
         or Forwarding (or do nothing and archive or delete).
         3. Group Dynamics:
         1. Merged the actions to manage a group under Group Management.
      4. Collaboration:
         1. Received two categories that came from Sharing.
      5. Reactions:
         1. Made an update in the Comments category as indicated in the
         Messaging block.
      6. Ubiquitous attributes:
         1. Not catching what the first categories mean, still I think is
         better to create the Search and Analytic block.
      7. About the human:
         1. Added Reputation : Perceived evaluation taken by members of the
         social graph.
         2. Where security sits? I see access control in the Social graph.
         Is the same  thing?

See attached file.


Alberto Manuel

Received on Thursday, 17 May 2012 16:36:52 UTC

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