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RE: [CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS] CFP CHI 2008: Workshop/Course submissions due 15 June

From: Duane Degler <ddegler@ipgems.com>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 23:44:09 -0400
To: "'T.Heath'" <T.Heath@open.ac.uk>, <public-semweb-ui@w3.org>
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Hi Tom,

Yes, it is a useful idea, and timely. I proposed it initially last year, but
we ended up thinking it could risk being too formative, so worked instead on
awareness raising and taking a sampling of interest at CHI via the
interactive session talk this year. While it was not hugely attended (at
least for the massive basketball arena - literally - they provided as a room
for the talk) there was a good turnout and a number of people contributing
to discussion and ideas. Check out some of the notes from the discussion:

I spoke with some of the CHI organizers later in the conference, and they
seemed encouraging of the idea and are seeking interesting new workshops. Of
course, work still needs to be done on the larger SWUI research agenda and
challenges, which may help provide a framework. One of the key issues (I
think) to consider is how we frame the opportunities and challenges to
create understanding and alignment with the HCI community's existing domains
and research - i.e. it's not a complete departure from what they are
exploring currently - this was something we worked to do in the talk at CHI
this year.

I've just returned from the conference, so have not really sorted out all
the thoughts and impressions yet. monica and I had just spoken briefly about
the possibility. Thanks for the reminder that the deadline is so near... Was
that just a nudge, or are you volunteering to help out? Interested and
proactive? :-)


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> Workshop/Course submissions due 15 June
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> Hi all,
> Not sure if this has been suggested already, but is it time 
> to propose a SWUI workshop at CHI?
> Tom.
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> Subject: [CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS] CFP CHI 2008: Workshop/Course 
> submissions due 15 June
> CHI 2008 Call for Participation
> Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Florence, 
> Italy 5-10 April 2008 http://www.chi2008.org
> Important submission dates
>   15 June 2007: Course and Workshop Proposals
>   19 September 2007: Papers, Notes
>   3 October 2007: Case Studies, Panels, Interactivity, 
> Doctoral Consortium, Design Theatre, Design Community Events
>   8 January 2008: SIGs, Works-in-Progress, Student Design 
> Competition, Student Research Competition, alt.chi For more 
> information visit: http://www.chi2008.org/authors.html
> CHI 2008 focuses on the balance between art and science, 
> design and research, practical motivation and the process 
> that leads the way to innovative excellence. It is about 
> balance in our rapidly evolving field, the balance between 
> individuals and groups, collocated and remote, stationary and 
> mobile, in both our local and global communities.
> Submit your best work... We hope to see you in Florence at CHI 2008!
> Desney Tan
> Technical Program Chair
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