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RE: getting to Last Call on rdf:text

From: Phillips, Addison <addison@amazon.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 07:52:39 -0700
To: Jos de Bruijn <debruijn@inf.unibz.it>, Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>
CC: Jie Bao <baojie@gmail.com>, Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>, "public-rdf-text@w3.org" <public-rdf-text@w3.org>, "team-rif-chairs@w3.org" <team-rif-chairs@w3.org>, "team-owl-chairs@w3.org" <team-owl-chairs@w3.org>
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> > Hi Jie,
> > The issue wasn't so much the note, but the actual definition of
> the functions
> > fn:text-length
> > fn:matches-language-range
> I agree that these two particular functions should be dropped, but
> for a
> different reason: they are redundant.  Their functionality can be
> achieved by extracting the relevant components from the rdf:text
> literal
> and then doing string comparison.

I think it would be quite problematic to drop fn:matches-language-range. There is no other mechanism for correctly comparing language tags and ranges. It is not a simple string comparison. I agree that 'text-length' may be redundant.

> > These are functions that it appears the rdf:text spec defines,
> but
> > they are defined in the namespace that XQuery controls. So my

The I18N working group intends to bring this issue to XQuery. However, if necessary, rdf:text should define the function, possibly in a different namespace from fn:.


Addison Phillips
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