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Re: Implement decision on bNodelabel/INSERT DATA operations.

From: Andy Seaborne <andy.seaborne@epimorphics.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 15:50:21 +0100
Message-ID: <506C50AD.8060405@epimorphics.com>
To: "Polleres, Axel" <axel.polleres@siemens.com>
CC: "public-rdf-dawg@w3.org" <public-rdf-dawg@w3.org>
On 03/10/12 15:22, Polleres, Axel wrote:
> I am sorry to bother again, but after re-reaging, I still have a question regarding our resolution:
> "
> The same blank node label can not be used in:
> *two basic graph patterns in a SPARQL Query
> *two WHERE clauses of SPARQL Update operations
> *two INSERT DATA SPARQL Update operations
> Note that the same blank node label can occur in different QuadPattern clauses in a SPARQL Update request.
> "
> According to my reading of
>   http://www.w3.org/2009/sparql/meeting/2012-10-02#resolution_3
> and my understanding of what was said in the Telco,
> also the reuse across INSERT clauses (without data) needs to be prohibited,
> which this wording doesn't exclude.

In context, the discussion was about INSERT DATA where the blank node 
associated with the label goes directly into the graph store.  I made 
the minimal change necessary.

Indeed, Olivier's example includes this case and the email trail does 
not discuss this further.


As per my note, a blank node label in a template is not the same case as 
data - it gets cloned on each template instantiation.  c.f.CONSTRUCT.


>>> (NB: the allowed reuse in different QuadPattern is not visible:
>>> each individual template is subject to instantiation before
>> any blank
>>> nodes get in to the data.)
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