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Re: query review, part 1 (ACTION-546)

From: Andy Seaborne <andy.seaborne@epimorphics.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 15:52:34 +0000
Message-ID: <4ECE6842.1020509@epimorphics.com>
To: public-rdf-dawg@w3.org

On 24/11/11 15:46, Steve Harris wrote:
> On 24 Nov 2011, at 13:36, Andy Seaborne wrote:
>>>> On 22/11/11 10:38, Steve Harris wrote:
>>>>> Great, thanks Greg.
>>>>> Some easy fixes inline. Some of the others I'm either not swapped in on, or will need discussion.
>>>> Which? (I don't see any)
>>> Which don't you see?
>> I'm not clear which ones are ones you need to swap in or you think need discussion.  esp the "discussion" bit.
> Ah, I see - well if I had an answer but didn't mark it fixed I think it needs discussion, if I skipped it then I'm not swapped in.

I've done everything that you hadn't commented on.  I'm not completely 
clear which, if any, points you replied to but you don't consider fixed 
yet.  Can I leave that to you to track those?  At least, there shouldn't 
be very many (or I'm missing something quite important).

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