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AGENDA: June 25 P3P spec call

From: Lorrie Cranor <lorrie@research.att.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 10:08:29 -0400
To: public-p3p-spec@w3.org
Message-Id: <AAF8B194-A328-11D7-8585-000393DC889A@research.att.com>

The next P3P specification group conference call will be on
Wednesday, June 25, 2003, 11 am - 12 pm US Eastern. Dial-in
information is available at


1. Task force reports
    - P3P beyond HTTP - Joseph Reagle
    - User agent behavior - Lorrie Cranor
    - Compact policies - Brian Zwit and Brooks Dobbs
    - Article 10 vocabulary issues - Giles Hogben
    - Agent and domain relationships - Jack Humphrey
    - Consent choices - Matthias Schunter
    - Converting P3P data schema to XML schema - Giles Hogben
    - Signed P3P policies  - Giles Hogben

2. Kiel workshop report (Rigo)

3. Lorrie proposes that the user agent guidelines be incorporated
    into the spec as section 6 with an ammendment to section 1.1.4.  Is
    there a consensus to put them in there? For latest draft see:

4. Discuss Consent Choices working draft -- do we want to pursue this
    in P3P 1.1 or postpone to P3P 2.0? We need feedback from
    This is also related to Bugzilla 169

5. Discuss bugzilla 170
Consider expanding definition of CONSEQUENCE field to reflect how it
is actually being used -- in particular to express summary of
STATEMENT as well as value proposition. Alternatively, consider adding
actual structure to CONSEQUENCE element to seperate out summary from
value proposition.

Based on discussion on last call I propose the following (revised) new

A short summary or explanation of the data practices described in the
statement that can be shown to a human user.   This field is not
intended to replace or duplicate the detailed information that may be
provided in a site's full human-readable privacy policy.  Note that
user agents that display this field MAY truncate lengthy CONSEQUENCE
strings or display this information only if a user follows a
hyperlink (See Section 6.1).

Also, I propose we change item 5 in the section "Completeness of Human
Readable Translations" in the UA Guidelines to:

Translations SHOULD include relevant human-readable fields from a P3P
policy. However, user agents MAY truncate lengthy human-readable
fields or display such fields on a click-through basis.  Typically,
500 characters is adequate for the human-readable P3P fields.

6. Initial discussion of Ari's identified/identifiable/link
    clarification draft (to be sent out soon).

7. Set date for next call (July 9?)
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