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Re: new topic: Should Closed World Assumption(CWA) and Open World Assumption(OWA) be integrated?

From: Jeff Pan <jeffpan.sw@googlemail.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 18:36:54 +0100
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To: Pascal Hitzler <pascal.hitzler@wright.edu>, duanyucong <duanyucong@hotmail.com>
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2011/8/20 Pascal Hitzler <pascal.hitzler@wright.edu>

> "Local Closed World" (LCW) simply stands for a combination of OWA and
> CWA. It means that a language has both capabilities (i.e., represent
> some things under OWA, some things under CWA).

One example would be the NBox (Negation As Failure Box) approach. An NBox is
a set of class names and object property names, whose extensions are closed.
Full negation in front of closed classes functions as Negation as Failure.
In other words, if an individual is not inferred to be an instance(s) of a
closed class, then it is regarded as an instance of the negation of that
closed class.

See the following paper for details:
Yuan Ren, Jeff Z. Pan and Yuting Zhao. *Closed World Reasoning for OWL2 with
NBox*. In *Journal of Tsinghua Science and Technology, 15(6)*. 2010.
PDF <http://www.abdn.ac.uk/%7Ecsc280/pub/RPZ2010c.pdf>]

You can also try NBox with TrOWL: http://trowl.eu/?page_id=232



> Pascal.
> On 8/20/2011 3:28 AM, duanyucong wrote:
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> > Dear Pascal, Thanks for your reply. I will try to find the
> > literature. Please permit me to explore a little bit here.May i know
> > what does "Local Closed World Semantics" mean? Is it different from
> > CWA? How?and why? Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Yucong btw: my
> > email: duanyucong@hotmail.com
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