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user defined datatypes in OWL-DL possible?

From: mjk <mariokofler@gmx.at>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 09:40:58 +0200
Message-ID: <20100423074058.89540@gmx.net>
To: public-owl-dev@w3.org

i want to define my own datatypes (like for example an enumeration datatype) in OWL but do not want my ontology to become OWL Full. Is this possible?

Specifically, i want to translate an XSD schema document to an OWL model and have for example the following simple type in the source document:

	<xsd:simpleType name="areaUnitEnum">
		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:NMTOKEN">
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareKilometers"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareMeters"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareCentimeters"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareMillimeters"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareMiles"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareYards"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareFeet"/>
			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareInches"/>

in fact i think of a datatype property "hasAreaUnit" with range restriction to my user defined datatype "AreaUnit" which itself is an enumeration of the values listed above.

is it possible to model this in OWL within the OWL-DL restriction and without going to OWL-Full? i hope someone can give me a hint how to achieve this because i am stuck here.

many thanks for your replies,

best regards,

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