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RE: user defined datatypes in OWL-DL possible?

From: Michael Schneider <schneid@fzi.de>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 14:07:03 +0200
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To: "mjk" <mariokofler@gmx.at>
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>Subject: user defined datatypes in OWL-DL possible?
>i want to define my own datatypes (like for example an enumeration
>datatype) in OWL but do not want my ontology to become OWL Full. Is this
>Specifically, i want to translate an XSD schema document to an OWL model
>and have for example the following simple type in the source document:
>	<xsd:simpleType name="areaUnitEnum">
>		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:NMTOKEN">
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareKilometers"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareMeters"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareCentimeters"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareMillimeters"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareMiles"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareYards"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareFeet"/>
>			<xsd:enumeration value="SquareInches"/>
>		</xsd:restriction>
>	</xsd:simpleType>

I hope that I get you right here, but AFAICS, the only issue I see here is
with support for the datatype xsd:NMTOKEN. It's not supported in OWL 1, but
it /is/ a mandatory datatype in OWL 2, so you can simply build an
enumeration datatype with standard OWL 2 DL means in the following way:

  :areaUnitEnum rdf:type rdfs:Datatype ;
      owl:oneOf ( "SquareKilometers"^^xsd:NMTOKEN 
                  "SquareInches"^^xsd:NMTOKEN ) .

>in fact i think of a datatype property "hasAreaUnit" with range
>restriction to my user defined datatype "AreaUnit" which itself is an
>enumeration of the values listed above.

There is no problem with using the above enumeration datatype as the (local
or global) range of a data property in OWL 2 DL.

>is it possible to model this in OWL within the OWL-DL restriction and
>without going to OWL-Full? i hope someone can give me a hint how to
>achieve this because i am stuck here.

You are lucky, the OWL Full hell keeps closed today. ;-)

>many thanks for your replies,
>best regards,


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